Privacy policy

We,, acknowledge that your confidentiality is important to you and that you care about how your information is used and shared on the Internet. We respect and value confidentiality of every person who visits our website, we collect and use information with the help of the means that guarantee your rights and our obligations under the law.

This privacy policy (hereinafter referred to as ‘Policy’) is applied to the use of all data we collect while our website is being used.

We recommend that you learn our Policy attentively and make sure to have a clear understanding of it. Your consent with the Policy is considered as the first step in using our website. In case you do not accept this Policy and do not agree with it, you have to stop using our website immediately.

Key Definitions

The terms, used in this Policy, have the following meaning:

  1. ‘User account’ means a user account needed for accessing and/or using certain areas and functions of our website;
  2. ‘Cookie’ means a small file that we place on to your computer or device when you visit selected parts of our website and/or use certain functions of it;
  3. ‘Our website’ means this website,;
  4. ‘We/us/our’ mean (the self-employed individual Sohomonian Artush, 61000, Kharkiv, Chernyshevska Street, 34);

What is personal data? Personal data means any information relating to an identified and identifiable natural person, e.g. your contact details.

Information about us

Our website belongs to and is run by the self-employed individual Sohomonian Artush who is registered at the following address: 61000, Kharkiv

What does this Policy cover?

This Policy is applied only to the use of our website. It does not apply to any websites that are connected with our website (no matter whether we provide the links or they are used by other users). We do not control how your data is collected, stored and used by other websites, and we recommend that you read their Privacy Policy before to submit any data there.

What information do we collect?

When you work with, we use and process your personal data.

It can be classified in the following way:

  1. The information that you share with us. We collect information that you voluntarily submit, e.g. your name, phone number and email address when you fill out the contact form or turn to us via email or over the phone.
  2. The information that we collect automatically. The site uses industry standards for automatically collecting certain information about users at our website. We collect information about you or information collected with the help of Cookie files and similar technologies during the use of, access to or interaction with our websites. E.g. we can collect information about device type you are using to access our websites, about your software and its version, your IP address, geographical location based on your IP address, browser type and web pages you browse. The information we collect about our visitors and time spent at our website shall not be disclosed to the third parties or partners. However, this information may be used for marketing purposes and for improving the quality of the services we provide.
  3. The information received aliunde. We can receive information about you from social networking platforms and various websites, e.g. when you interact with us on these platforms. We protect data received from the third parties in accordance with the practice described herein, and also we apply additional limitations and restrictions imposed on us by the data source. uses Google Analytics, Google Webmaster, Ahrefs SEMRush and similar services in order to find important information about traffic and ratings of websites of our clients or potential clients as a marketing research.

Why do we collect this information?

We collect your information in an effort to personalize your experience with our services, websites and advertising aids that we share through the social networking platforms, online marketing and GoogleAdwords.

Your information helps us respond to your needs as of both a website user and a client in the most efficient way. The submission of your information is needed for providing you with our services. Your information, whether public or private, will not be sold, exchanged, or forwarded to any other company for any reason without your permission, except with the purpose of providing the requested services and improving them.

What do we do with the collected information?

This information helps us constantly improve the website and our services for the current and future visitors and clients. Based on our users’ information and feedback we constantly strive to improve what our website has to offer to you. We can also improve the quality of our client service since your feedback and collected information about your activity at our website help us respond to your inquiries faster and support your needs toward success with the help of our services.

We like to keep in touch with you by sending periodic updates via email (usually once a month). The email address that you submit in contact and subscription forms will be used for sending incoming emails and marketing updates to you.

In case at any time you decide to unsubscribe from our newsletters, you will find such a link at the bottom of each our email message.

How is your information used?

Your personal data is safely and securely stored in accordance with the Data Protection Act of 1998 adopted in Great Britain.

This information helps us constantly improve the website and our services for the current and future visitors/clients. Based on our users’ information and feedback we constantly strive to improve what our website has to offer to you. We can also improve the quality of our client service since your feedback and collected information about your activity at our website help us respond to your inquiries faster and support your needs while you are visiting

We use your data for providing you with the best services. This includes:

  1. Provision and control of your information;
  2. Provision and control of your access to the website;
  3. Provision of our services to you;
  4. Personalization of our services for you;
  5. Our replies to your messages;
  6. Delivery of newsletters and other transactional messages that you are subscribed to (you can unsubscribe any time);
  7. Analysis of our website use so that we could constantly improve our website and your user experience.

With your permission and/or in the cases when allowed by law, we may also use your data for marketing purposes, this may include contacting you via email with information, news and offers about our services. However, we do not send you any unsolicited marketing emails and take all reasonable measures to fully protect your rights and to follow our obligations in accordance with the Data Protection Act of 1998 adopted in Great Britain, the EU Email Disclaimer Law (EU Directive) of 2003 with the amendments to it in 2004, 2011 and 2015, and the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

Your information, whether public or private, shall not be sold, exchanged, or shared with any other company without your consent.

Where do we store and process your personal data?

The personal data, collected by, can be stored and processed in your region, e.g. in the city of Kharkov or any other country, where or its branches, subsidiaries or service providers are located or maintain the facilities. has created proper tools for protecing personal data during its international transmission.

How long do we store your information?

In case there was no payment made, we store your information within 2 (two) calendar months. The user is informed about this term at the website, as well as when receiving an invoice for payment where it’s also stated that your information will be deleted at the end of the second calendar month from the moment of non-payment. Please note, that deleting the information is not considered equivalent to deleting a user account.

The protection of information does matter to us as we always strive to protect your personal data. We use the necessary physical, online and regulatory procedures for protecting the data collected at our website.

Despite the security measures that we take, it’s important to remember that data transmission via the Internet may be not completely safe and that you are recommended to take respective precautionary measures while transmitting your personal data through the Internet.

Do we share your information?

As a general rule we collect and process the data in order to simplify or to improve the services provided by We do not sell your personal data, or do not forward this information to the third parties except for the cases outlined in this Policy.

We can disclose your personal data to the third parties to the extent as required by law, court decision or decision of a relevant government authority and for the purpose of complying with the laws.

However, we can share your personal data with the following third parties:

  1. he ones that provide services on our behalf, including but not limited to account department, sales department, marketing, IT support, advertising, analytics, marketing research, client service, service support, data storage, inspection and security, fraud prevention, payment processing and legal services. Such third parties have access to the information which is needed for their service execution, but they are prohibited to use your personal data for any other purposes;
  2. for the purpose of making, enjoying or protecting legal rights of;
  3. in case of any merge, sale, joint venture, assignment, transfer or other disposal of all or any part of assets or shares of (including without limitation cases of any bankruptcy or similar proceedings);
  4. other third parties upon your consent.

When we disclose your personal data to the third parties, we take all reasonable steps to make sure that the third parties are bound by confidentiality obligations with regard to protection of your personal data. Disclosure of the information is performed in accordance with the legal requirements including but not limited to conclusion of the data transfer agreements with the respective third parties so that personal data is processed only in line with our instructions, applicable legislation and for the purposes indicated by us and as long as the adequate security measures are taken.

We can form statistics about our website use, including data about traffic, use of pages, number of visitors, orders and other information. All such data will be anonymized and won’t contain any personal information. From time to time we can share such data with the third parties such as potential investors, affiliates, partners and advertising providers. The data will be shared and used only within the limits of the law.

In certain cases we may be legally obliged to provide certain data, that we store and that may contain your personal information; e.g. in cases when we are involved in legal proceedings, fulfill the requirements of the law, execute court order or order of the government. We do not demand from you any additional consent to share your personal data - in such cases we fulfill the requirements of a legally binding inquiry made to us.

What will happen, if our business has a new owner?

From time to time we may expand our business or reduce its size, and this may include sale and/or control transfer over our whole business or its part. The data, submitted by the users, will be transferred together with this part, and a new owner or a new controlling party may use the data for the initial purposes and in accordance with this Policy.

In case some of your data have to be transferred this way, we will not contact you in advance and inform about it.

How can you control the use of your data?

When you send information via our website, you may be offered some variants of restrictions of your data usage. In particular we strive to give you control over your personal data usage for the purpose of direct marketing (e.g. a possibility to unsubscribe from our newsletters, what you can do by clicking the link given in the messages).

Your right for data retention

You may get access to certain areas of our website without submitting any of your personal data. However, in order to use all functions available at our website, you may need to share or allow collection of certain data (e.g. data about geolocation).

You have the power to control the use of Cookies and may modify your browser settings to restrict this use.

Data Storage will store your personal information as long as we consider it’s necessary for you to use our website and for us to provide you with the services, follow the applicable laws (including the ones related to documents storage), solve the disputes with any parties and otherwise as and when necessary for us to run our business. The period during which we store the information depends on the purposes we collect it for and use.

If you have any questions about a specific term of storage of certain types of personal information, that we process about you, you are welcome to email us at [email protected]

Cookies Files

We use Cookies files and similar technologies to identify and remember your preferences and user settings, to understand how our web pages are used, and to set up our marketing offers.

A cookie file is a small data file that contains a character string which is placed on your computer when visiting the website. When you go to the website again, the cookie file helps it recognize your browser. The period, while the cookie file is being stored on your computer or mobile device, depends on whether it’s ‘persistent’ or ‘session’. uses both types of cookie files. Session cookies will stay on your device until you stop browsing. Persistent cookies stay on your computer or mobile device until they expire or are deleted.

We use several types of cookies at our website, including the following:

  1. Essential cookies. These cookie files are needed for browsing our website and using its functions. Some online services cannot be provided without these cookie files.
  2. Performance cookies. These cookie files gather information about how you use our websites. This data can be used for optimizing our website and simplifying the navigation.
  3. Functional cookies. These cookie files allow our websites to memorize the choice you make when browsing, and to personalize your experience. We can save information about your geolocation, e.g. in a cookie file, to make sure that we show you the website suitable for your region.
  4. Third-party cookies. These are the cookie files that are placed on the websites and/or third-party providers, except for Such cookies can be used at our website to improve our services or to offer more relevant advertisements to us. The third-party cookies are governed by the respective Privacy Policies of external services, e.g. Policy of Facebook data usage.
  5. Analytical cookies. We use analytical cookie files similar to the ones offered by Google Analytics, in order to help us understand how long the user stays on our website, what pages they consider as the most useful. Please visit this web page of Google to learn more about Google Analytics and your data.

How can you control the use of Cookies?

Most of the web browsers allow you to control the use of Cookie files in their settings. However, if you set the website not to accept cookie files, this can influence your user experience since it won’t be personalized for you. Some browsers offer a ‘Do Not Track’ (DNT) option where you can specify your preferences regarding tracking and tracking between the websites. Though currently we do not use the technology that recognizes DNT signals, and we will process only your personal data in accordance with this Policy. Below you may learn how to control the use of cookie files in well-known web browsers:

  1. Google Chrome
  2. Internet Explorer
  3. Safari
  4. Firefox


In addition to the cookie files sometimes we use small graphic images, known as ‘pixels’ (also known as web beacons, clear GIFs and pixel tags). We use pixels in our emails to you (in case you’ve chosen to receive such emails) to help us understand whether our email message was viewed. We also use third- party pixels (e.g. from Google, Facebook and other advertising networks) to help us offer you ads to your interests.

Using additional technologies, we may also collect information with the help of other means. The self- employed individual Sohomonian Artush controls the data and is responsible for processing your personal data.


We take the security seriously and the security of your personal data is important to us. We follow the generally accepted industry rules of protection methods of the data that we collect and store, also we use TLS for information encryption when transmitting it through the Internet. None of the methods of transmitting information via the Internet or an online storage is completely safe, thus cannot guarantee their absolute security.

Children is not directed at children and is not intended to be used by children. That is, our services are not directed at children and should not be available for the ones under the age of 16 (sixteen), and we ask that they do not share their personal data with

Children below the legal age have to get their parents or legal guardians’ consent for providing their personal data. If we receive a notice from a parent or legal guardian that a child under 16 has shared their personal data with, we will delete child’s data that is at our disposal.


If you have any questions about our website or this Policy, please contact us via email [email protected]

Modifications and Amendments

We may modify or amend this Privacy policy, when consider it necessary or when it is required by law.

We will immediately post any changes on our website and you will be deemed to have agreed to the modified policy when you visit our website for the first time after those changes have been done. For these reasons, we encourage you to read this page regularly to know the latest updates.